This is the most recent version of the Competition Q&A.

As more questions are asked it will be continually updated by our team.
1a. What is the anticipated design fee budget? There is no design fee budget at this time. The chosen Entrant will negotiate scope, schedule and fees with the Town of San Anselmo Public Works Department after selection. It is anticipated that professional fees for this project will follow the norms for public sector/public works administered projects.
1b. Is there money earmarked for the design fees? As scope, schedule and fees have not been established yet, no budget has been earmarked at this time. The CAC intends fundraising from private contributions, donations and sponsorships for this project.
1c. Is there a stipend for the shortlisted firms? No, there is no stipend for the shortlisted firms.
1d. What is the selection criteria for the shortlist? The following selection criteria headings are under consideration:

  1. Firm/team information
  2. Comparable project experience
  3. Design excellence
  4. Sustainability practices
  5. Nominated project team members
1e. What is the selection criteria for the design concepts? To be included in the Competition Brief available to shortlisted firms.
1f. Who is on the selection panel? For review of Qualifications: San Anselmo Public Works staff and CAC experienced, professionally qualified members. For submitted concept designs: San Anselmo Public Works staff and CAC experienced, professionally qualified plus other members for initial evaluation. San Anselmo Town Council for final selection after presentation to the Council by each shortlisted firm.
2a. What the scope is of the project for architectural
(buildings and restrooms etc)?
No buildings of note are anticipated at this time for the project at the RFQ stage. Depending on the winning concept design and the project budget, to be determined, shade structures and restrooms may be part of the project.
2b. Also, as a consultant with a Landscape design firm, are we able to submit with more than one team and if so what is the limit? The Competition Brief to be issued to the shortlisted firms will state that firms will be limited to one submittal/one team.
2c. What is the scope of architecture on this project? See response to 2a.above.
2d. Will you accept any firm as a part of more than one team (ie: if we submitted with a couple different teams)? See response to 2b.above.
2e. Will you accept an architect as prime? The RFQ is open to anyone. The aim is to attract design professionals who satisfy the evaluation criteria under 1d.