The Vision

San Anselmo Creek is a precious but underutilized environmental asset. A significant flood mitigation construction project presents our Town with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine Creek Park as a vibrant community commons.

The Process

With input from the community the Town established goals for the project, enlisted needed expertise, and held a design competition for professional landscape architect firms. Young Imagineers in Grades K-8 also submitted their design ideas.

Our Design Partner

We're excited to have selected RHAA-Mill Valley as the winner of the Reimagine Creek Park Design Contest. Design funds have been secured and Town Council has authorized the Town Manager to sign an agreement with RHAA for the Reimagine Creek Park Project. The design process has begun.

About Us

Town Council approved the formation of a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) of local expertise who managed the design contest with Town staff and advised the Town Council throughout the process. We are now collaborating on creating the community input phase of the design and fundraising.

From Creek Park to Creekside Commons

Downtown San Anselmo has experienced a number of historic floods, most
recently in 1982 and 2005. Marin County has had a continuing remediation program
focusing on sections of the Creek from its headwaters west of San Anselmo, to
its exit into the San Francisco Bay. The most current County flood control stormwater
plan sets the stage for reimagining Creek Park.


As part of the San Anselmo Flood Risk Reduction Project (SAFRR), the County
had originally scheduled building demolition and the creek work for summer 2020.
Then Covid-19 struck. There was a silver lining during the Shelter-in-Place shutdown
in spring 2020: the Town and County were able to work together to create the temporary
Creek Park plaza space. This was an unexpected gift for all to enjoy when outside space
to gather was at a premium and the closure of San Anselmo Avenue on weekend
evenings was initiated for outdoor dining.


Next summer (2022) the remaining building foundation will be removed
and the County will proceed with their flood mitigation project, allowing for this
extraordinary opportunity for renewal, transforming Creek Park into a signature community
landmark: Creekside Commons.

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